D-Health reduces barriers to innovation in healthcare and public health


Solving the complex, wicked health problems requires talented people from various backgrounds to work together. USC researchers, clinicians, scientists, and students collaborate with D-Health partners on interdisciplinary projects to create practical solutions to challenges facing health systems and public health agencies.

Smart and Healthy City Initiative

USC D-Health and the Milken Institute are partnering on a Smart and Healthy City Initiative to focus on improving quality of life and healthcare equality by tackling public health challenges such as homelessness and recidivism. By collaborating with City/County agencies, community based organizations, think-tanks, and technology companies, D-Health is developing solutions to securely utilize sensitive data to inform policy and improve care.

Data Research Program

D-Health provides USC scientists, researchers, and clinicians with an opportunity to prototype new ideas using health data in a safe environment. D-Health is collaborating with industry partners to develop infrastructure to enable secure health data research.

Community Initiatives

D-Health is creating a thriving healthcare innovation ecosystem in Southern California by bringing together entrepreneurs, clinicians, scientists, healthcare executives, public officials, policymakers, investors, and industry partners. Through a series of events, conferences, and lectures, D-Health facilitates collaborative ideation, design, and the launch of new initiatives.

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Health Technology

Historically, it has been incredibly difficult for entrepreneurs to build products and companies that effectively target challenges faced by patients, doctors and hospitals. High barriers to entry in healthcare make rapid innovation almost impossible. D-Health empowers driven entrepreneurs in the Trojan family by providing a variety of resources, including knowledge and technology platforms, to remove obstacles and quickly turn concepts into viable companies.

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Over the last 10 years the healthcare industry has experienced dramatic change to meet new regulatory, economic, and consumer demands. It is imperative that future generations of clinicians and researchers are prepared for the impact Health Information Technology as well as new care delivery models will have on the healthcare industry. Through didactic and experiential learning opportunities, D-Health better prepares students to be leaders in the new world of healthcare.

Digital Health Elective

Through the Digital Health elective, USC medical students will take significant steps toward identifying and validating a healthcare IT problem of their choosing. First, students will receive an introduction to agile development methodologies, customer development and the current standing of innovation in health technologies provided by faculty and health IT professionals. They will identify a problem; validate their concerns by exploring the issue at partnering medical centers such as LAC-USC, Keck Hospital, and CHLA; and offer potential solutions. Students will have an opportunity to bring their solution to life by creating wireframes of their proposed solution. This course is provided as part of the Clinical Informatics Elective. Interested USC students can contact the course director via email at tolomicz@med.usc.edu

D-Health Fellowships

We collaborate with talented, driven USC students across all disciplines on projects of mutual interest. Most recently, we launched a Fellowship with Marshall’s Healthcare Leadership Association (HLA) with the goals of exposing MBA students to health administration through project based experiential learning as well as tackling critical, real-world projects at Keck Medicine’s Department of Surgery.