D-Health reduces barriers to innovation in healthcare and public health


Building Smart and Healthy Cities

In 2017, D-Health launched the Smart and Healthy Cities Initiative, a collaboration with the Milken Institute and Akido Labs, to improve health and wellness, quality of life, access to care, and urban sustainability in communities throughout southern California and beyond.

By helping cities better leverage data and digital technologies via engagements ranging from coordination of care to performance measurement, D-Health and our partners are working together to develop, implement, and promote the adoption of sustainable solutions to common public health challenges.

Spotlight: Eliminating Homelessness

Homelessness is a multifaceted “wicked” public health problem that represents a massive economic and social burden for LA, which has the nation’s largest chronically homeless population. LA County alone, spends close to $1B a year caring for and managing homeless people with more $500M spent on healthcare services.

To tackle this problem, Cities and Counties in California are moving towards an integrated and coordinated care model to both address homelessness and prevent inflow of people losing their homes. However, the inability to effectively share sensitive information across critical stakeholders coupled with an inability to maximize the use of existing data, makes integrated care painful and inefficient. USC D-Health is collaborating with the Milken Institute and government agencies in the greater Los Angeles area to address this impediment through the use of data and digital technologies.


D-Health is creating a thriving innovation ecosystem in Southern California by bringing together entrepreneurs, clinicians, public health officials, scientists, healthcare executives, policymakers, investors, and industry partners. Through a bi-annual innovation series, D-Health brings together the digital health community around a fireside chat with innovative thought leaders at the USC Health Sciences Campus.

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Startups-in-Residence Program

Though the need for innovation in health technology has never been more apparent to patients, providers, and taxpayers alike, formidable barriers to entry remain for entrepreneurs looking to deliver new and transformative products and services in the sector.

D-Health’s health technology startup accelerator empowers young, talented entrepreneurs in the Trojan family to bring transformative products and viable companies to market through ongoing mentorship and the adoption of modern lean startup methodologies.

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Rising healthcare costs, public health crises, and aspirations for a better quality of life make it imperative that our next generation of leaders, clinicians, and public officials understand how to effectively apply new technologies to meet public health needs.

D-Health is preparing today’s students for tomorrow’s digital health leadership roles through a variety of unique experiential learning opportunities that align talented students with hands-on opportunities to design, develop and launch real-world, strategic projects with our partner organizations.

Digital Health Elective

Through the Digital Health elective, USC medical students will take significant steps toward identifying and validating a healthcare IT problem of their choosing. First, students will receive an introduction to agile development methodologies, customer development and the current standing of innovation in health technologies provided by faculty and health IT professionals. They will identify a problem; validate their concerns by exploring the issue at partnering medical centers such as LAC-USC, Keck Hospital, and CHLA; and offer potential solutions. Students will have an opportunity to bring their solution to life by creating wireframes of their proposed solution. This course is provided as part of the Clinical Informatics Elective. Interested USC students can contact the course director via email at tolomicz@med.usc.edu

Health Administration Fellowships

D-Health’s Health Administration Fellowship trains USC MBA candidates interested in healthcare administration using an 8 week experiential training program at Keck Medicine. Fellows work with the Department of Surgery on high value, strategic projects, ranging from financial modeling and operations analysis to new product development and gain practical experience in hospital administration.